Testing the Aegir Network module


For the past few weeks we have been working on a module called Aegir Network.

Aegir Network allows Aegir servers to communicate with each other. This means you can centralize information from different servers, and run tasks on remote sites and platforms. It also adds a server overview UI to the Aegir interface.

In short, if you're running multiple sites and platforms across multiple servers, and you'd like to manage them from one central dashboard, you should probably check out this module.

How to create an Aegir 2 dev VM with Drush Vagrant and Aegir-up


Here's how I got a few Aegir 2 VM running with Drush Vagrant. You'll need specific branches of some drush extensions (see below).
This is with my regular user. Do not use the root user for this (though it will if you opt to make it update /etc/hosts).

0) Check that you can do 64-bit virtualization. The basebox is 64bits.

Allow non-root users to restart the Aegir queue daemon


I can no longer imagine using Aegir regularly without the Hosting Queue Daemon. For those who aren't aware, this was a contrib module (hosting_queue_runner) for the 1.x version of Aegir, but improves the user experience so much that we've moved it into core for the 2.x series.

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