Collective management

We encourage and promote greater autonomy for people and collectives. It is essential for groups and individuals to manage themselves, their direction, life and authority.


Organisations should be transparent with their members, as well as with society at large. No organisation evolves in a void and all our actions have consequences. Therefore, it is essential that the public be able to follow the actions and decisions of the various organisations that make up our society, so that citizens can make enlightened decisions on the issues that affect them.

Copyleft (free software)

We develop and use Free/Libre and Open Source software. Free software is a matter of freedom: everyone should be free to use, copy, share, study, modify and improve it, without restriction. We encourage software users to appropriate these possibilities.


Our organisation must build itself in support and respect for one another, their integrity and their dignity. We must also support citizen initiatives and those left behind in our society. Some sacrifices must be made so that the organisation doesn't harm mankind and nature as a whole. "Above all, do no harm".