AegirVPS: pricing and options

What is Aegir?

Aegir is an open-source Drupal hosting and management system. With it, you can create and manage an unlimited amount of Drupal sites.

On top of Aegir, our AegirVPS service includes many additional services such as automated site backups and automated deployment of curated Drupal platforms, such as Open Outreach. Scroll down to know more!

Our AegirVPS service is managed by gboudrias, official maintainer of the Aegir FLOSS project. All prices are in CAD.

Price grid

Aegir VPS Services Monthly Annually
Base AegirVPS $200/mth 15% off
Site upgrades $10/site - -
Priority Support $195/mth 15% off
Drupal Site Import
-- One-time fee per site --

Base AegirVPS

Our AegirVPS provides a full dedicated virtual server with the Aegir hosting system pre-installed by the experts. Not only have we built-in enough hardware resources to ensure smooth running, we've also included slick performance enhancements and tried and true monitoring facilities. Add to that several Aegir contributed modules and regular updates to our curated platforms, and you'll see just how easy it can be to maintain your Drupal sites. Includes the following Drupal distributions: *
Detailed specifications
  • Dedicated virtual server:
    • 2 vCores
    • 4GB RAM
    • 50GB of disk space
    • Full root SSH & SFTP access
    • Hosted in Canada (Quebec). Can be installed on cloud providers, or your own server(s) upon request.
    • Harware can be upgraded upon request
  • Unbeatable Aegir services:
    • Create unlimited Drupal sites
    • Use our up-to-date, curated Drupal platforms, deployed automatically
    • We will maintain (keep up to date) up to 3 sites for you without additional costs
    • We can maintain more sites for you for a monthly fee
  • Aegir add-ons:
    • Full Drush access
    • Aegir queue runner daemon
    • Aegir automated backups & garbage collection
  • Software stack:
    • Debian Jessie 64-bit OS
    • Apache web server
    • MySQL
    • APC
    • Munin performance graphs
  • Hosted services (available upon request):
    • Varnish reverse proxy cache
    • Apache Solr/Tomcat
    • Nagios monitoring
  • Best effort support:
    • 9x5 next business day
    • Email/web-based
    • Limited to maintaining connectivity & minor config changes1:
      • e.g.: increasing PHP memory limits, etc.
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Custom Drupal Platform Maintenance

Keeping up with updates to core and contrib can be a challenge. Our dedicated team applies rigorous procedures to ensure your platform is always kept up-to-date, and thus secure.

Priority Support

We engineer Aegir to be robust and easy to use, but sometimes we all need a bit of help. Let's face it, the real cost of all the power and flexibility of any web hosting system such as Aegir, is complexity. Get the help and advice you need from the leading developers and engineers behind the Aegir hosting system.

Drupal Site Import

Importing Drupal sites into Aegir is pretty straight-forward... except when it's not. Our experienced team can help to ensure a smooth transition onto Aegir infrastructure.